Genetic testing has been gaining popularity over the last several years. When people think of genetic testing, they usually associate it with finding out their ancestry or determining if they’re predisposed to developing certain medical conditions. However, another area that is getting attention recently is genetic testing for mental health medications. This informative approach to optimizing a person’s mental health makes our genetic testing in Nashville, TN a smart approach for many people. Knowing which medications can provide the best results can speed up a person’s healing process, which allows them to enjoy better mental health faster.

You are not alone. You deserve to get help.

Arbor Wellness is an industry leader in mental health treatment. Our team of top medical experts specialize in dual diagnosis treatment and are committed to ensuring that each patient is treated as an individual. Call us today, we’re available 24/7.

What Is Genetic Testing for Mental Health?

Genetic testing for mental health aims to identify genetic variations that may be associated with an increased risk of developing certain psychiatric disorders or that may influence how a person responds to specific psychiatric medications. At Arbor Wellness, we use pharmacogenomic testing, which is currently the most common application of genetic testing in the realm of mental health. Pharmacogenomics examines how genes can affect a person’s response to drugs. Testing can be used to predict how a patient might metabolize or respond to certain medications, such as antidepressants or antipsychotics. This can help clinicians decide which drug might be most effective or pose the least risk of side effects.

How Genetics Affect Mental Health

Genetics contribute a great deal to many aspects of who a person becomes and what challenges they may experience in life. Many psychiatric disorders tend to run in families. While some cases can include environmental and other causes, many can also be attributed at least partly to the propensity for genetics to pass one mental illness along to another family member. The National Institutes of Health reports that these disorders often run in families due to genetics:

Symptoms caused by these particular mental illnesses can overlap and make it difficult for a person to receive a proper diagnosis. For this reason, genetic testing can prove particularly useful. Beyond this, genetic testing can help quickly identify the best medications for a person to use to treat mental health disorders. This often eliminates a lot of time spent trying several medications that ultimately either won’t work or do not provide adequate benefits. 

Genetic testing in Nashville, TN helps identify and diagnose mental illnesses in a  person. From there, the results provide a valuable marker for knowing which medications to use to help control or eliminate certain symptoms that come with it. 

How Do I Begin Genetic Testing in Nashville, TN?

Arbor Wellness has teamed up with a leading company in the field of genetic testing called GeneSight. GeneSight offers testing for clients who are interested in understanding more about which mental health medications may be optimal for their needs. GeneSight uses a test that they call the GeneSight Psychotropic test. This genetic test can provide information to a medical provider about how a person’s individual genetic makeup may react to or metabolize specific medications.

Clients can be conveniently tested while in treatment at Arbor Wellness in Nashville. This allows the convenience of not having to go to an outside laboratory. As well, their test results can be reviewed and interpreted by our trained clinicians on staff. With these test results, our medical providers gain insight that will impact the person’s overall treatment plan. 

This information has the potential to inform decisions by the provider to recommend specific medications for the treatment of mental health disorders. It can also help determine if dose adjustments to current medications are needed. In addition, the information helps determine which medications are not likely to be effective for each individual. It can also provide insight into a person’s risk of specific side effects from various medications based on their DNA. 

How is Genetic Testing in Nashville, TN Done?

Genetic testing, also known as DNA testing in Nashville, TN is a very easy and straightforward process.  A trained expert will collect the person’s DNA by one of two methods. The first is a saliva test. This involves taking a minimally-invasive and painless swab of the inside of the person’s cheek. There is no need for bloodwork or needles at all with this procedure. The DNA can easily and quickly be obtained while the person is in treatment. 

Some providers may instead opt for a blood test, which requires a small amount of blood to be drawn and sent to the lab. While saliva tests are less expensive, blood tests can test for a wider range of abnormalities. This can make them more effective, depending on which conditions the person is testing for. The clinician can help each person decide which form of testing is right for their needs.

How Can Genetic Testing Help My Mental Health?

Our genetic testing can be a valuable tool in personalizing treatments for mental health conditions. Here’s how pharmacogenomic testing can potentially help with mental health:

  1. Tailored Medication Choices: Different people metabolize medications at different rates. Some might metabolize a drug too quickly, meaning it could be less effective, while others might metabolize it too slowly, leading to increased risks of side effects. Knowing one’s genetic makeup can provide insights into which medications might be the most effective and safe.

  2. Reducing Trial and Error: One of the challenges in psychiatry is finding the right mental health medication and dosage for an individual. This often involves a trial and error process, which can be time-consuming, frustrating, and at times, distressing for patients. Pharmacogenomic testing can shorten this process by providing information that can guide clinicians in their prescribing decisions.

  3. Decreasing Side Effects: Side effects are a primary reason people stop taking their psychiatric medications. By identifying genetic markers that indicate a higher likelihood of experiencing side effects from specific drugs, clinicians can potentially avoid prescribing those drugs in the first place.

  4. Improving Drug Efficacy: Some individuals might not respond to certain medications due to their genetic makeup. Identifying these non-responders through genetic testing can help in choosing alternative treatments more likely to be effective.

  5. Optimizing Drug Dosage: Beyond just choosing the right medication, determining the ideal dosage is also crucial. Genetic testing for mental health can provide insights into how quickly an individual metabolizes a drug, which can be a factor in deciding on the optimal dose.

  6. Informed Polypharmacy: In cases where multiple medications are required, pharmacogenomic data can inform which combinations are likely to be most beneficial and least harmful based on an individual’s genetic profile.

Is Genetic Testing Affordable?

Arbor Wellness and GeneSight are committed to making sure that any client who wants to obtain genetic testing in Nashville can afford to take advantage of this option. GeneSight works with your insurance provider to minimize your out-of-pocket expense as much as possible. You can get more information about the entire process, including the cost, by reaching out to GeneSight directly.

Begin Genetic Testing For Mental Health Medications in Nashville, TN

Are you suffering from mental illness symptoms and looking for a scientific way to get more accurate information about effective treatment? Our highly trained staff provides genetic testing in Nashville. For our genetic testing, we collect your DNA sample, send it to a reputable lab, and then discuss the results with you. From there, we will prescribe you the medication that your test indicates will work the best for you, monitor your symptoms, and address any side effects you may experience.

Contact Arbor Wellness today to learn more about genetic testing for mental health medication recommendations. You will see the difference that this new and innovative option can make in your journey to mental wellness.

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Lake BarrettLake Barrett
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Winona RogersWinona Rogers
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I paid a $600 flight to get our daughter here for help all the way from Florida. We called four times this week to confirm her belongings before we made the 5 hour trip up here from Atlanta today and my daughter also called twice I called yesterday and then we called again today to confirm we were on our way as we were told and advised to do so coming here with empty suitcases after a long trip. They first handed us one suitcase empty when in fact our daughter came with three bags. When we asked where her other bags were. They mysteriously went back to find her other two suitcases. All suitcases empty, no clothes. Only making a few phone calls today when they should have done this earlier in the week when we called to inquire, they left her clothes at their other facility where they moved from and told we cannot retrieve them today. They promised they would ship them this week. Lies! After this long trip up here and multiple calls this week, this is extremely unprofessional and unacceptable. Finally, They said they could handle her pseudo seizures when in fact they lied. The sent her to hospital three times within a week and then would not allow her to return for treatment.Then they had the nerves today when they handed us empty suitcases and no clothes, how daughter is doing. I would never recommend sending my family member here for help because they are not capable of helping for mental health. They take your money, lose your family members clothes , bill your insurance,and then refuse treatment.
Bryce LamberthBryce Lamberth
15:35 28 May 24
Angela CostaAngela Costa
21:49 05 May 24
Nick answered the Arbor Wellness on Friday around 5 pm on his day off. He’s been chatting with me to help get the patient number at Tristar. We chatted for 24 hours until he helped me get the number. He’s helped me get his clean clothes and Bible to Andrew. Nick has been absolutely delightful in one of my hardest times in my life. I am so glad that I met him. May God bless him!
Valerie BergerValerie Berger
13:18 01 May 24
Staff are knowledgeable caring and receptive.
Lakita CovingtonLakita Covington
17:48 29 Apr 24
I’ve been waiting on an email for about a month. The lady was nice enough to call me back, but didn’t follow up, or anything like she said she would.
Tammy KelleyTammy Kelley
17:13 19 Apr 24
Thank you thank you thank you! You helped me become the person I was meant to be!
Abi AskewAbi Askew
12:43 18 Apr 24
Amazing facility and staff!
Spencer BaucomSpencer Baucom
15:18 26 Mar 24
Best Mental health facility In Tennessee! Great staff and program all around. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking treatment.
Passed my information on to another facility without my knowledge or permission. The people who were going to be able to verify my BCBS insurance are not in on the weekend so that is entirely unhelpful. I hung up the phone to seek other options on my own as I do not want to wait for tomorrow or Tuesday when a mental health facility should always be equipped with proper intake employees. So, to receive a text from another location asking if I’d like to receive treatment there is insane!! Who gave you permission to send my information to another facility? Wacky business.
Alexandrea CeruttiAlexandrea Cerutti
01:29 22 Mar 24
Give Dominique a raise she’s the best love her
16:52 18 Jan 24
It was a great experience i hope whoever comes gets the help they need
Audrey SnydermanAudrey Snyderman
01:57 13 Jan 24
My son was at this place. Absolutely amazing. Moe is the one responsible for the positive outcome. She is caring, patient and goes above and beyond what would be expected. She is a true gift! My son and I will be forever grateful.
Amanda HumphreyAmanda Humphrey
13:12 15 Dec 23
I can not thank this place enough, my daughter stayed here and I was worried with her being 3 hours away from home. But they were all so kind gave me there personal cell numbers and told me I could text them any time to check on her. My daughter also has some legal issues going on alongside her mental health. I can’t even begin to say how supportive and understanding Mo and sherry and her therapist were, they did everything and than some to help my daughter in both situations. We have had her in a couple of different places and the case managers were no where near as helpful or as compassionate as Mo had been. Mo is truly a blessing to our family. My daughter has learned a lot about herself and her diagnosis it’s truly amazing to see a facility who wants to help people navigate them instead of just pushing meds down there throat and sending them home. Thank you to the team here.
Ashley NicholeAshley Nichole
22:11 13 Dec 23
Very accommodating, you have a voice and it is heard, it’s by far the best place I’ve ever been for mental health. Thank you so much!
Deb HayworthDeb Hayworth
21:56 29 Nov 23
I wish I could give a good review, but I have to be honest. I cannot and would not recommend this program. I unfortunately experience multiple major negative experiences there. The final straw was today when I had an appointment with my provider back home and discovered they flat out lied to her. So unprofessional and unethical. I was in room 201 and ended up with many bed bug bites. They were ignoring the issue and I informed my therapist there and one back home. They then moved me out of that room. An intake worker found out they were moving two new residents in there and voiced her thoughts to the ED, later that week she was terminated. I am do not know if that is why or not but she got let go later that week. Them trying to cover it up and lying about is is so much worse then a room infested with bed bugs. Just be honest and address the issues as they arise, don’t shame the residents into it. After I take staff voiced her opinion the Executive Director did have the mattresses and boxspings thrown out and bags were ordered for all beds. You grow up in a household filled with secrets and lies, you should NEVER have a treatment center reinforce that, and Arbor Wellness did. I know the resident before had the issues with the bed bugs and was told by multiple people that I was the 4 person.
Misty CaudillMisty Caudill
00:45 01 Nov 23
Arbor Wellness made a believer out of me! This was my first attempt at inpatient therapy, so as you can imagine, I was nervous, scared, and skeptical. The staff was so welcoming from the beginning of my journey all they way through the end. I enjoyed group time, specifically focus groups with my appointed therapist (Jeff). We met daily as a group, and individually with our therapist once a week (more if necessary; their doors are always open). If you are experiencing difficult times and are debating on whether or not this type of treatment is for you .. I highly recommend you take that leap. Although I was focused and determined and put in the work, I could not have made the improvements to my mental health without Arbor Wellness. For that, I am forever grateful.
Valerie HuffValerie Huff
23:58 27 Oct 23
I truly had such a great experience at arbor wellness Dominique and Tristan are the best night tech so is Liam. The morning staff are very cool too Amanda and T work so hard to make everyone satisfied. And the caseworker mo and Stephanie they are so are amazing very welcoming. It felt like I belonged there. Chris is also such a amazing person he and Sherri really helped me out my first night they are the ones that rlly encouraged me to stay . I have only one really bad experience and it was with my therapist. Out of respect I will not say her name but I felt like she didn’t care about me or my well being! I highly recommend this place if you struggle with mental illness!!!!!
Weslee MillerWeslee Miller
00:26 25 Oct 23
Arbor Wellness is a great place for anyone seeking mental health treatment. The staff here are very passionate about the work they do and will go above and beyond for each client. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to take the step.
Ross YeoRoss Yeo
19:39 05 Oct 23
Going to Arbor Wellness was a much needed step for my mental health. The staff was amazing and very accommodating. Anything you needed, they were there for the client. Thanks to everyone in the Arbor family.
Peyton BeasleyPeyton Beasley
13:21 29 Sep 23
I just want to thank the staff at Arbor Wellness for their support, encouragement, and helping hand in my healing process. I was definitely nervous when I first came, but they all made me feel so loved and welcome. The art and music therapy as well as the group lessons really helped me gain insight on things I needed to work on here at Arbor- which I did! Thank you Arbor Wellness for providing a safe growing environment! I will definitely recommend this place to anyone in need!
Christina Eum-GiesenChristina Eum-Giesen
07:24 29 Sep 23
Fantastic staff and mental health resource in Nashville,Tennessee. I was so impressed by facility and quality of care being provide. Troy and Samantha make the entire process so easy. I highly recommend Arbor Wellness to anyone struggling.
Taylor BryantTaylor Bryant
14:46 26 Sep 23
Arbor is a great place to go for all your mental health needs. The staff is incredible and there 24/7 for your needs. I can’t say enough good things about Arbor. I’ve been twice and it just keeps getting better. If Stephanie is your case manager, you are LUCKY!
faith boltfaith bolt
17:26 21 Sep 23
The staff at Arbor play a huge role in what makes this place so beneficial, but in my experience Stephanie, Teyerra, Amanda, Tristan and Sherri were exceptional. They went out of their way to make sure i was safe, taken care of, & benefiting from the program. Big thank you to them and the rest of the Arbor team for helping me along my recovery journey!
Katie AcklesKatie Ackles
11:21 15 Sep 23
Going to arbor was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I spent about a month in the partial hospitalization program (PHP) and feel it made a world of difference in my life. I learned so much and really came to know arbor as a safe place. The staff is phenomenal, they really place value on the experiences staff has had in their lives which is so helpful. They all have been in our place and that makes a world of difference in how clients are treated. The vibe is so comfortable and welcoming. The experience shifts a little bit depending on the other clients and their attitudes but overall everyone has been extremely welcoming and caring. It really feels like a big family just trying to heal together. I have nothing but good things to say and would recommend it to anyone trying to get their lives together or even just wanting to learn about themselves and how to be a better human.
Marissa NormanMarissa Norman
13:29 11 Sep 23
I enjoyed my time at Arbor Wellness to the fullest, I’m glad my family found this place. I learned a lot of helpful tools about my mental health as well as mental health in general. The groups were helpful, engaging/interactive, and insightful. Everyone from staff to clients are kind, nonjudgmental, and friendly.
Sydney CohnSydney Cohn
22:19 09 Sep 23
I worked at Arbor Wellness as a case manager. During that time, it was an awesome experience! My colleagues created a collaborative environment that strived to help each person that walked through those doors. The staff are very skilled in their designated areas and are the type of people you can trust to take care of your loved ones. Everyone brought their own experiences to the table which helped clients throughout the healing process. Overall, working at Arbor Wellness was an experience I will never forget!
Justin DenenbergJustin Denenberg
15:49 06 Sep 23
Amazing Facility! If your looking for a Mental health facility look no further. Arbor wellness truly cares about their clients, they treat every person walking through the door like family. I would highly recommend arbor to anyone looking for help!
Brandon BouldinBrandon Bouldin
03:05 06 Sep 23
Arbor Wellness provides exceptional service to its clients with a team of highly experienced staff members who are committed to their clients’ well-being. If you or a family member are struggling with mental health give them a call.
scott curleyscott curley
01:41 06 Sep 23
I have had the pleasure of working alongside Arbor’s staff for the last year! They have an amazing patient first program, and are determined to ensure that each individual is getting the help they deserve. They go above and beyond to appropriately design a program that will set up each person for success!
Stephanie RichardsonStephanie Richardson
12:43 04 Sep 23
I highly recommend Arbor Mental Health. Staff is more than equipped to meet your needs and lighten your load. Please take the time to visit and get the help you need to start your wellness journey!!
Chloe PetruzzoChloe Petruzzo
23:10 24 Jul 23
As a professional in the field, my go to for a client who may need a higher level of care like residential is Arbor Wellness. They truly care. They have integrity and work swiftly and smoothly for any admission or step down. I always can rely on Arbor to provide exceptional treatment to anyone seeking a better way of life.
22:51 12 Jun 23
Arbor Wellness changed my life, and that’s not an exaggeration. I suffered from depression and anxiety for 21 years before getting treatment at Arbor. One day I discovered I couldn’t take life as I knew it anymore. I had trouble sleeping, had very low energy to the point where I had trouble keeping up with my grooming, barely made it to work every day, and could not be productive. I couldn’t remember people’s names at times, and some of these people would be people whom I had worked with for over 5 years.I would cry all the time, it was hard to keep my foot on the gas while driving, I was irritable, and life became unbearable. So, my husband encouraged me to find something that could help me other than what I was doing: seeing a therapist and psychiatrist every week. At first, when I looked at Arbor and called, I was told that I would need to do residential treatment first, and I immediately rejected the idea of me going residential because I didn’t think that I needed it. So, I looked elsewhere for a program where I could go during the day and go home at night, but I couldn’t find any program that I was comfortable with, so I called Arbor Wellness back. Troy, the executive director for Arbor Wellness, picked up the phone this time and asked, “How are you doing today?” I paused. Then, he said, “I guess that wasn’t the best question to ask.” His comment made me smile on the inside a little, and it helped me to feel at ease talking to him. He spent around 30 minutes talking to me about Arbor and what the program could potentially do for me. He then invited me and my husband to visit to see if it would be a good fit for me. When we visited Arbor, my husband and I felt it would be the right place for me. The visit was on a Friday, and I started treatment that Monday mainly because I wanted to spend that weekend with my husband before going. The rest is history.Troy, among many other staff, really cares about you getting better. I realized that over time. Arbor took excellent care of me and worked with me to get the healing I needed. I also appreciated Troy for checking in on me during my time at Arbor. I stayed at Arbor for around 77 days, and it was well worth missing work for that extended period to receive the proper care I needed. I loved the nurse practitioners, and one of my biggest problems was that all the medications I was prescribed before my time at Arbor gave me significant side effects.By the time I went to Arbor, I had been on 11 different medications within 1 year! I was golden after the nurse practitioners found the right combination for me. Plus, I took the Genesight test, which confirmed that the medications prescribed to me were compatible with my genes. My therapist Mable was amazing. I connected with her and learned what I wanted from a therapist after Arbor. Group classes were fun, engaging, and educative I loved all the group facilitators.The food was okay. I just wished that the options would have been on the healthier side. If you like pizza, they have pizza every Friday night, and that was on top of what they fed you earlier that evening. So, you won’t go hungry, but you may not be eating the healthiest. Oh yeah, they usually have snacks and drinks between meal times. However, this aspect might have changed by now because I haven’t been there since mid-February.I waited to write this review because I wanted to see over time if I was still as great as how I left, and I’m happy to say I am, 4 months later! If you’re considering going to Arbor, I would say it would be worth your time and energy. I would suggest going in with an open mind, being engaged, doing the group activities even if you think you won’t like them, and practicing what they tell you to practice. I can’t promise that you’ll have a life-changing experience like me, but I’m confident that you will be able to have valuable lessons before leaving Arbor.
15:39 30 Mar 23
If you are struggling with any form of mental health I would strongly recommend Arbor Wellness. As a former resident I can attest to the amazing staff at every point, whether they were in the office, therapist, BHT, nurses, chefs… every interaction helped in the healing process. I have nothing but positive things to say about Arbor Wellness, if you are worried about taking that next step for bettering your mental health this is your sign, Do It! There is no safer place to be! Your future self will thank you, you deserve this! Arbor and their kind staff along with knowledge and healing are waiting for you ❤️
19:04 06 Feb 23
Arbor Wellness was my first experience with treatment. Here I was told my many of the patients that arbor wellness was probably their best experience in treatment. I feel that this statement was true. The staff were friendly, the clients were more than often friendly and supportive to each other. More than often the staff are very friendly and professional and the guest they have who come in and speak.Other things to add is that the food was fantastic. They (the chefs) were/are professionals chefs. I was here for 29 days and did not have a bad meal. The hosing situation was pretty interesting, here you are given a roommate and If you consider it lucky or unlucky two roommates. Here it is considered luck, all my roommates were really good but I heard stories from other clients that their roommates were bad.If you come to arbor wellness prepare to make lifelong friends with some of the clients, you will spend a lot of time getting to know them. Also prepare be a little bored, they’re not as strict with what you can do but doing the same thing after a while gets boring. In summary I enjoyed my stay here and would definitely do it again if I had the chance.
Hannah KienzleHannah Kienzle
17:44 17 Jan 23
Arbor wellness is a great place for getting back on your feet! They really care about the individual person. It’s a safe place to do the work. They aren’t perfect and they make mistakes, but they are willing to do anything they can to make it right! They really need to improve on the medication management. Which is why I’m giving them 4 starts. But they are trying to improve! The staff, BHT’s, and therapists are all amazing! They genuinely care for you even after you leave and will answer the phone for any questions or concerns!
Jane HammelJane Hammel
17:28 10 Jan 23
I am so grateful I found Arbor, 5 stars just isn’t enough! I felt so safe, welcomed and supported by the entire staff, everyone there supported me in my healing, from the CEO to the chefs. There are so many different therapy modalities offered, you receive education into different types, so you can find what works best for you and maximize the healing process. For the first time I felt safe to dig deep into my trauma and understand how it affected me in my everyday life and take control of my life back, the team here gave me back what had been taken from me. I can’t thank them enough, Alex, Ashley, Shannon, Troy, Chris, Stephanie, Allison, Kelly, Jesse, Justin, Rich, Cassie, Bethany, Dacey, Jon, Jara, Dan, Lisa, April, Hudson and so many more wonderful people that I am eternally grateful for. Thank you Arbor for helping me heal after so much darkness, I can see the light now. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
20:28 19 Dec 22
I’m so thankful for Arbor for changing my life, helping me grow and providing with the tools I needed to live a happy life. I have lived with depression and anxiety for years and I knew I needed to get help so I started looking up treatment centers. When I called, I spoke with Stephanie in admissions and she was so wonderful, she really cared about getting me help. The day I checked in Stephanie made sure I felt comfortable and helped me understand I was doing this for me and not to feel guilty for getting help if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t had stayed. I had the best therapist while I was there named Shelley, she pushed me to open up and process my trauma I can’t thank you enough. I want to also thank Hudson for always making me laugh, it really helped getting through those rough days. I’m very thankful for Troy and Chris for opening and running Arbor to make it the best center in Tennessee. On Tuesday night they provided a class for families that had loved ones there ran by Cassie, thank you for helping my family understand what I was going through. Lastly, I want to thank the chefs for making wonderful food daily and for to all the nurses and techs for taking care of us and always being there if we needed someone to talk to. I would recommend Arbor to anyone that is needing help, you won’t find any better place and staff that actually care about you.
scarlett bondscarlett bond
22:19 06 Dec 22
Therapists are great. They are very engaged. The family liason Hudson is great and kept my family informed on everything I wanted them to be informed with. Tuesdays were my favorite days between trauma Tuesday and the ice baths the day just flew by. The food was amazing and I looked forward to every meal. Nursing was always there when you needed them. The bht staff was always on top of things and were the when you needed them. Everyone here made the experience worth it. Biosound therapy was good too always stopped my racing thoughts. Thank you arbor wellness!
Alissa BenderAlissa Bender
19:28 05 Dec 22
Very thankful to have been treated at Arbor Wellness. The staff is very welcoming and receptive of your needs. My primary therapist Mable was wonderful. Hudson, a former client, is among the other amazing staff that was always able to relate to my journey at the facility. I came in with a willingness to do the hard work and the staff supported me and encouraged me throughout the entire process. I am truly thankful for the time I spent there because it helped change the trajectory of my life in the best way possible.
Amelia YoungAmelia Young
17:09 29 Nov 22
Arbor is an amazing place to receive help for any mental health problems you might be struggling with. The staff is truly wonderful, and have all helped me along on my journey. From the BHTs who are always there to support you in anyway you might need to every single group facilitator who are extremely knowledgeable and very fun, there are nearly endless resources to get you on the right track. Just wanted to also give a special thanks to my girl Ansley who was one of the biggest assets to helping me feel confident in myself again and to my primary therapist, Shelley, who is extremely reliable and real with all the clients she works with. I would highly recommend Arbor if you’re looking for a place that you can feel safe while getting the help you need.
Kari ClinkenbeardKari Clinkenbeard
16:56 14 Nov 22
Words cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for Arbor Wellness and the way they cared for our daughter. The staff treated her with kindness, compassion and dignity. Through her good days and bad days, they continually showed her that she was worthy of a happy life and she is so much more than her diagnosis. The team worked diligently to pinpoint her diagnosis and was proactive in creating a treatment plan that was best for her in the present and future.As a parent of an adult child, I was communicated with in a timely & sensitive manner. We had so many questions, concerns and feelings going through this. The staff was understanding, empathetic and very responsive throughout the entire process.The team at Arbor saved our daughter. We will be forever grateful for Troy, Chris, Hudson, Shelley, Casey, Cassie, Dan, Trey, Lyndsey, Alex & Pippa…and so many more, for putting the smile back on her face.If your loved one is struggling, I would not hesitate to recommend Arbor Wellness for their path in healing.
Lauren ClinkenbeardLauren Clinkenbeard
02:43 05 Nov 22
Arbor Wellness has truly saved my life. If you or a loved one is needing mental health or substance abuse help, I would recommend Arbor Wellness every time.I was a client at Arbor for about 10 weeks (longer than the typical stay) but I truly cannot rave about this place enough. The building is clean and safe. The BHTs and staff at Arbor became my second family and treated me more than a client. They looked out for me and wanted the best for me.The groups lead during the day at Arbor Wellness gave a foundation for bettering myself. The group facilitators were all prepared and engaging and made me feel capable of reaching my goals.The therapists at Arbor really cared about my wellbeing and progress. My therapist was Shelley and she pushed me to become the best person I could be. I will forever be grateful for her and others who helped me along my journey and diagnosis.I can’t put into words how much this place means to me and my family. Going to Arbor Wellness was the best decision I have ever made. I’ve seen and felt a complete difference and have the coping skills and knowledge to face the world all thanks to Arbor Wellness. I can’t recommend them enough, thank you Arbor Wellness team and staff, I will forever be grateful!
Britt BratBritt Brat
20:38 24 Oct 22
Arbor is an amazing place to come to when you need help. The staff are fantastic, and truly care about what they are doing on a daily basis. Between music, art, and other therapies there is a lot you can find here to help you with what is going on. I am very thankful for Arbor! Cannot recommend enough.
Tj SennottTj Sennott
01:39 06 Oct 22
My time at Arbor could not have been a better experience. From the facilities to the staff and the program above all, everything is of the highest quality. They truly care for everyone and the support you get is fantastic. Couldn’t recommend more. The growth I’ve seen because of Arbor has really changed my life. All the stars. Thank you everyone there
Greg BulachGreg Bulach
19:32 15 Sep 22
Arbor is a fantastic facility where healing can occur. The staff really cares. I highly recommend this facility. At Arbor, I was able to come out of my shell, out of the darkness which encompassed me. I was able to learn to trust again and see the world in a new light. Thank you to Hudson, Charles, Ansley, Chris, Troy, Shelley and all the rest of the staff. You are top notch. One love.
Madeleine SharpMadeleine Sharp
20:28 07 Sep 22
I was one of the first people who attended Arbor Wellness and they helped change my life. My life was chaos prior to going, and they helped me to change that. They helped me work on my past trauma, my mental health, and addiction “issues” I was placed on the right medication and given the right tools to truly better myself.They also have a 5 star chef that knows what he’s doing in the kitchen.The facility is beautiful. They keep it very clean, they have a workout room, a large cafeteria, red light therapy, a sound bed, stocked with snacks, and drinks.Their staff is wonderful. They all played a huge role, from the techs to the therapist. Hudson, the alumni coordinator and family Liaison has called to check on me since I’ve been gone. He also helped communicate with my family.One last thing, they made sure we all got together as a community to spend time with one another. Whether it was playing corn-hole, renting a movie, having pizza, etc.If you’re torn between going or not going. Take a leap of faith, and go change your life.
Joseph FortuneJoseph Fortune
18:25 30 Jun 22
My experience at arbor Wellness is one of compassion, understanding, and support. BIG shout out to the phenomenal staff here for always going above and beyond to take care of myself and fellow clients. My guys Hudson and Charles are prime examples of effective treatment staff. I will forever be grateful for all that arbor does! Thanks to Troy for providing this amazing and much needed service to Nashville!
Rachael ClarkRachael Clark
14:36 16 Jun 22
Beautiful, state of the art and cutting edge facility. The team is great and are all very qualified and personable. The therapists listen to your concerns and address everyone individually and respectfully. I would highly recommend for any family member needed any help. Arbor will make your future brighter!

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