Genetic testing has been gaining popularity over the last several years. When people think of genetic testing, they usually associate it with finding out their ancestry or determining if they’re predisposed to developing certain medical conditions. However, another area that is getting attention recently is genetic testing for mental health medications. This informative approach to optimizing a person’s mental health makes our genetic testing in Nashville, TN a smart approach for many people. Knowing which medications can provide the best results can speed up a person’s healing process, which allows them to enjoy better mental health faster.

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How Genetics Affect Mental Health

Genetics contribute a great deal to many aspects of who a person becomes and what challenges they may experience in life. Many psychiatric disorders tend to run in families. While some cases can include environmental and other causes, many can also be attributed at least partly to the propensity for genetics to pass one mental illness along to another family member. The National Institutes of Health reports that these disorders often run in families due to genetics:

  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Depression
  • Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Schizophrenia  

Symptoms caused by these particular mental illnesses can overlap and make it difficult for a person to receive a proper diagnosis. For this reason, genetic testing can prove particularly useful. Beyond this, genetic testing can help quickly identify the best medications for a person to use to treat mental health disorders. This often eliminates a lot of time spent trying several medications that ultimately either won’t work or do not provide adequate benefits. 

Genetic testing in Nashville, TN helps identify and diagnose mental illnesses in a  person. From there, the results provide a valuable marker for knowing which medications to use to help control or eliminate certain symptoms that come with it. 

How Do I Begin Genetic Testing in Nashville, TN?

Arbor Wellness has teamed up with a leading company in the field of genetic testing called GeneSight. GeneSight offers testing for clients who are interested in understanding more about which mental health medications may be optimal for their needs. GeneSight uses a test that they call the GeneSight Psychotropic test. This genetic test can provide information to a medical provider about how a person’s individual genetic makeup may react to or metabolize specific medications.

Clients can be conveniently tested while in treatment at Arbor Wellness in Nashville. This allows the convenience of not having to go to an outside laboratory. As well, their test results can be reviewed and interpreted by our trained clinicians on staff. With these test results, our medical providers gain insight that will impact the person’s overall treatment plan. 

This information has the potential to inform decisions by the provider to recommend specific medications for the treatment of mental health disorders. It can also help determine if dose adjustments to current medications are needed. In addition, the information helps determine which medications are not likely to be effective for each individual. It can also provide insight into a person’s risk of specific side effects from various medications based on their DNA. 

How is Genetic Testing in Nashville, TN Done?

Genetic testing, also known as DNA testing in Nashville, TN is a very easy and straightforward process.  A trained expert will collect the person’s DNA by one of two methods. The first is a saliva test. This involves taking a minimally-invasive and painless swab of the inside of the person’s cheek. There is no need for bloodwork or needles at all with this procedure. The DNA can easily and quickly be obtained while the person is in treatment. 

Some providers may instead opt for a blood test, which requires a small amount of blood to be drawn and sent to the lab. While saliva tests are less expensive, blood tests can test for a wider range of abnormalities. This can make them more effective, depending on which conditions the person is testing for. The clinician can help each person decide which form of testing is right for their needs.

Is Genetic Testing Affordable?

Arbor Wellness and GeneSight are committed to making sure that any client who wants to obtain genetic testing in Nashville can afford to take advantage of this option. GeneSight works with your insurance provider to minimize your out-of-pocket expense as much as possible. You can get more information about the entire process, including the cost, by reaching out to GeneSight directly.

Begin Genetic Testing For Mental Health Medications in Nashville, TN

Are you suffering from mental illness symptoms and looking for a scientific way to get more accurate information about effective treatment? Our highly trained staff provides genetic testing in Nashville. For our genetic testing, we collect your DNA sample, send it to a reputable lab, and then discuss the results with you. From there, we will prescribe you the medication that your test indicates will work the best for you, monitor your symptoms, and address any side effects you may experience.

Contact Arbor Wellness today to learn more about genetic testing for mental health medication recommendations. You will see the difference that this new and innovative option can make in your journey to mental wellness.

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