Arbor Wellness is a primary mental health treatment center in Nashville that offers evidence-based therapies and treatment for mental health disorders as well as compulsive behaviors and substance use disorders. Located just outside metro Nashville, Arbor Wellness offers a scenic and calming backdrop to work on overcoming the challenges created by dealing with a mental health disorder.

Our Mission

The mission of Arbor Wellness is to provide quality treatment to a population that is in dire need of being treated as equal through a multitude of treatment modalities, medication management, and education. Our goal is to erase stigma for individuals struggling with mental health disorders and to help them recover and lead happy, healthy, and productive lives.

Our Vision

Treatment is based on the recognition that the client is autonomous. Each has the potential for achieving growth in the management of their behavioral health needs. We're committed to providing a safe, structured environment, appropriate for therapeutic interventions, to restore them to a level of functioning that will enable treatment at a lesser level, as appropriate.


Arbor Wellness is licensed by the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. 

Arbor Wellness is also fully certified by the Joint Commission, a nationally recognized accreditation that holds high quality standards for over 21,000 healthcare organizataions.

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For decades, science has tried to find the answer to the question “what causes mental illness?”.  A debate between psychologists has existed throughout about whether the cause is biological (“nature”) or environmental (“nurture”).  The answer to the nature vs. nurture question appears to be a resounding “both”.  

Substantial evidence indicates individuals can be born with genetic vulnerabilities to specific mental health issues.  For example, the child of a biological parent with bipolar disorder is 15-30% more likely to develop the disorder in their lifetime. However, genetics do not tell the entire story. Research indicates that environmental factors can also play a significant part, especially when combined with biological ones. Specifically, research has found evidence that certain environmental factors can actually alter brain structures and impair their functioning.  Clearly biological and environmental factors intertwine in a complicated dance.

We at Arbor Wellness believe what decades of research indicates is the biggest environmental factor in developing and sustaining mental health disorders of all kinds.  That factor is trauma.  Unfortunately this term is widely misunderstood by most people and associated with a limited number of life experiences such as military combat, natural disasters, mass shootings, and the unexpected death of loved ones. These examples, while undoubtedly traumatic, are only one end of the continuum of traumatic experiences.  

Trauma-informed care

At Arbor Wellness we believe that trauma is more accurately understood as any life experience for which you do not have adequate coping skills.

This definition helps explain why trauma often occurs in childhood when we have very few coping skills.  Traumatic experiences as a kid can greatly impact brain development and contribute to the inception of mental disorders.  The Adverse Childhood Experiences study  (ACEs) has correlated specific childhood traumas to increased rates of mental illness and major health disorders.  Consequently efforts are being made to intervene on these risk factors with children and their families to lower or eliminate them. 

However, trauma doesn’t just happen in childhood, it happens over a lifetime.  Life is a series of traumatic events – it overwhelms our coping skills frequently.  This is a hard reality to embrace. It isn’t fair and it is easier to think of trauma as a consequence of certain “bad” behaviors until it happens to us or someone we love.  When emotional pain from trauma comes along, many of us try to deny it, repress it, or numb it rather than turn towards it and face it.  M Scott Peck wrote in his best selling work The Road Less Traveled that “the attempt to avoid legitimate suffering lies at the root of all emotional illness”.  In most cases, we desperately try to avoid suffering due to not feeling equipped with and capable of utilizing adequate coping skills.

Why Arbor Wellness?


All clients at Arbor Wellness are acknowledged as trauma survivors. This is why we utilize a trauma-informed approach to care for everyone regardless of diagnosis.  As a staff, all employees understand this fact and respond to clients with compassion and respect. Behaviors often described as “resistant” are viewed instead as attempts to cope.  Given this framework, clients are taught more skillful, effective coping techniques in an effort to foster resilience and encouraged to use these strategies while in treatment. Fostering resilience through better coping skills in clients reduces the negative impact of future, inevitable traumas.

Acceptance of trauma as a fact of life is essential and clients are expected to encounter experiences that will threaten to overwhelm even their improved resilience. This is not relapse, it is life.  Arbor Wellness aims to provide a full continuum of care so that clients have extra support during challenging times whenever they arise.  We understand that any mental illness must be managed over a lifetime and not cured, so Arbor Wellness strives to be able to provide ongoing support when needed to prevent the need for future residential admissions.

Find Hope at Arbor Wellness

Arbor Wellness is a safe haven where our clients are met with acceptance, compassion, and empathy. We help each client on their journey and treat the following mental health disorders:


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“Arbor Wellness Center for Mental Health will be unlike any other program in Tennessee. The level of dedication they are putting into the program from the start is something all Tennessee residents will be able to utilize.”

“The team at Arbor Wellness is known for going above and beyond for their clients. From the residential center they are building in Nashville to aftercare options and expert therapists, this program is going to change mental health treatment in TN.”

“The need for a quality residential program in Tennessee for mental health has never been greater, which is why residents of Nashville are excited for Arbor Wellness to open. We need to treat mental health seriously.”

“As a mental health professional, when I learned that Arbor Wellness was coming to Nashville, it was something I’d already been hoping for. We need to put mental health first in Tennessee and beyond!”

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