There are several different types of evidence-based group therapeutic modalities that are used to treat alcohol use, substance use, mental health, and co-occurring disorders. At Arbor Wellness, our group therapy in Nashville provides structured group sessions where individuals do not have to feel alone or isolated. Instead, they have the opportunity to build new friendships, develop peer support networks, learn from others, and practice effective coping skills and techniques. 

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What Is Group Therapy?

Group therapy uses various forms of evidence-based therapies in a group setting. Sessions are led by a licensed therapist or psychiatrist. During sessions, peers are encouraged to participate in discussions, provide feedback, and share. The therapist moderates the sessions to help ensure topics remain relevant and useful based on the type of group therapy. 

Types of Group Therapy in Nashville We Provide

Arbor Wellness provides access to a variety of different types of group therapy in Nashville based on individual needs and treatment objectives and goals. 

Psychoeducational Groups

Psychoeducational groups provide educational opportunities. The therapist leads the session in an instructional format covering the relevant topic. This type of group therapy involves more instruction and less sharing. However, participants may ask questions. 

Process Groups

Most people associate process groups with traditional group therapy. Sessions are less formal and structured. Peers are encouraged to bring up specific topics and issues they want to discuss and participate in discussions as these relate specifically to them. 

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Groups

DBT groups involve using DBT techniques as participants develop skills. Each session can focus on specific skills development. Part of the sessions is learning mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotional regulation, and distress tolerance. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Groups

CBT groups use the same techniques as individual CBT sessions. As a group, participants work on their negative feelings, emotions, and behaviors while learning how to replace them with positive affirmations and techniques. 

Support Groups

Support groups are slightly different from other types of group therapies. Instead of being led by a licensed therapist or psychiatrist, the sessions are run by a peer support leader. The sessions are entirely peer-driven, where people can share and listen to others’ experiences. 

Skills Development Groups

Skills development groups are special group sessions where participants have the opportunity to practice skills and techniques learned during other group therapies. Sessions can include role-playing with one’s peers, developing and enhancing social skills, and learning how to set and maintain boundaries when addressing triggers and stressors to reduce the risk of relapse. 

Our Mental Health Programs That Offer Group Therapy

  • Detox: Our alcohol and drug detox programs provide access to group therapy sessions in the early stages of recovery. These sessions help develop and build a strong foundation for sustained recovery.

  • Residential Treatment: Our residential programs provide round-the-clock care and supervision in an intensive and highly structured environment. A wide range of different group therapies are used as part of treatment. 

  • PHP: Our PHP (partial hospitalization program) provides the same level of care and access to group therapies as our residential program. The only difference is participants return home in the evenings or to a supportive/sober living facility.  

  • IOP: Our IOP (intensive outpatient program) provides half-day, intensive treatment and various types of group therapy sessions. Individuals attend sessions several times weekly while maintaining outside commitments and living at home. 

  • Veterans Program: Our Veterans program is specifically designed for vets and provides personalized care plans and levels based on individual needs with plenty of opportunities for group therapy. 

  • Young Adult Program: Our young adult program provides the same care levels as our adult programs, where group therapy is included as part of individualized treatment plans.

  • Alumni Program: After completing treatment, our alumni program provides opportunities for graduates to receive continued support with monthly events, weekly groups, and other activities.  

Benefits of Group Therapy

There are several benefits of group therapy as part of mental health and substance addiction treatment programs, including:

  • Group therapy provides the opportunity to learn new perspectives from one’s peers.
  • Group therapy sessions are more cost-effective for individuals needing treatment who have financial concerns.
  • Group therapy can help boost people’s confidence and self-esteem levels as they progress through treatment and recovery. 
  • Group therapy helps people feel less isolated and alone. It allows them to develop shared connections with others experiencing the same things they are. 
  • Group therapy allows for inner reflection to help people increase their self-awareness about the underlying causes contributing to their mental health or substance use disorders. 
  • Group therapy allows individuals to develop new coping strategies and skills, social skills, and relationship skills in a controlled environment. This helps them become more confident in using these skills outside of therapy. 
  • Group therapy provides ongoing support after completing a treatment program to help ensure continued resilience and long-term success in recovery.

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At Arbor Wellness in Nashville, we have a diverse team of mental health and addiction specialists to help people overcome mental health and dual diagnosis disorders. Our therapists offer a broad spectrum of experience and knowledge to meet each person’s unique treatment needs. 

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You do not have to feel alone and isolated when you want to take the first steps to recovery from mental health, alcohol, substance use, and co-occurring disorders. At Arbor Wellness, you can gain the benefits of group therapy and support from your peers with our comprehensive and personalized treatment programs. Contact us today to learn more about our group therapy and treatment programs for a brighter future.

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