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We’re dedicated to identifying and treating mental health disorders for a true path to healing & wellness.

About Arbor Wellness

Healing from mental illness can be overwhelming, scary, and anxiety-inducing. At Arbor Wellness, our mental health treatment center in Nashville aims to make the process of getting help easy. Our mental health programs are rooted in the belief that no two clients are alike. Through a variety of evidence-based therapies, we treat the root causes of mental illness and co-occurring disorders to provide our clients with a path to long-term success in recovery.

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Our Core Nashville Mental Health Programs

Mental Health Disorders

Mental Health Disorders affect millions of people each day and can be life threatening.

Dual Diagnosis Disorders

Dual Diagnosis happens when a person with a substance use disorder also has a mental health condition.

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is the most common mental illness in the United States and can be debilitating.


Regardless of the type of depression a person has, it impacts how they view their world and leaves them living without hope.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a debilitating disease that affects individuals’ day-to-day lives, affecting one in every one hundred people.


Millions of people hurt themselves. Yet shame and guilt prevent these people from treatment that could improve their lives.

We Work With Most Major Insurance

Combatting The Stigma of Mental Health: Tour Our Nashville Campus

Often, the stigma of mental illness doesn’t just inhibit a person seeking mental health treatment, but affects those who do seek out help.

Carrying around shame and guilt can prohibit clients from fully partaking in the treatment process. As such, we’ve created a safe space where clients can feel comfortable, taken care of, and let down barriers as they go through the process of healing.

Our 15,000 sq. ft. campus offers a number of residential services and amenities that allow our clients to focus on their recovery and break down the stigma of mental illness.

A Continuum of Mental Health Treatment in Nashville, Tennessee

Arbor Wellness FAQ

Arbor Wellness offers residential treatment,  partial hospitalization, and outpatient services for mental health at our Nashville, TN location.

Arbor Wellness work with most major insurance providers who cover out-of-network benefits, typically a PPO, POS or EPO policy. We also offer affordable cash pay rates for those who are not covered by health insurance. At this time we do not accept Medicaid or Medicare policies.

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Please visit the What We Treat page to learn more about the different mental illnesses we treat at Arbor Wellness.

Yes. We have a dedicated admissions team standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week who can help guide you to the help you need for mental health.

You might need mental health treatment if you experience persistent feelings of sadness, anxiety, or hopelessness that interfere with your daily life and relationships. Additionally, if you notice significant changes in your behavior, sleep patterns, or appetite, it could be beneficial to seek professional help.

If you’re still unsure on whether or not to seek help, we offer comprehensive mental health self-assessments so you can better understand what your needs are:

According to the National Institute on Mental Health, only half of those with mental illness actually receive treatment. At Arbor Wellness, we understand that most people who suffer from mental illness may have been blamed for their condition at some point in their lives. They have experienced discrimination, name-calling, and have often had their condition dismissed as merely “going through a phase.” 

We work tirelessly to educate families, loved ones, and individuals that mental illness is a brain disorder that must be treated professionally. In addition, we provide the following:

  1. Choose Empowerment:

    For a long time mental health disorders have been perceived as a “moral failing,” or a “lack of willpower.” We treat all of our clients with great compassion and respect as they walk through our doors and only empower them with hope and understanding.

  2. Do not use negative self-talk:

    Often, the way we speak about ourselves can create a narrative how of we feel about ourselves. Through evidence-based therapies, we help our clients change thought patterns and the perception of how they see themselves.

  3. Create Connection: 

    Mental illness can thrive in isolation. By admitting into our inpatient Tennessee mental health programs, you can find other likeminded individuals who are walking the same path as you.

  4. Address Trauma:

    Life often involves experiencing traumatic events. Many individuals respond to emotional trauma by denying or suppressing it rather than addressing it directly, which can worsen or trigger mental health disorders. At NABH, we treat every client as a trauma survivor and consistently use a trauma-informed approach, no matter the diagnosis.

Why Choose Arbor Wellness?

Arbor Wellness is not your typical mental health treatment program in Nashville. We offer a luxury, personalized treatment approach that allows each client to experience the therapies and modalities that work to achieve long-term recovery from mental illness. These are just a few reasons why our program is your best option when seeking mental health treatment in Tennessee.

Personalized Solutions for Mental Health

Our customized approach allows each client a unique treatment experience that works on the core issues that are causing issues in their lives.

A Full Continuum of Care

From residential to partial hospitalization and outpatient therapy, Arbor Wellness offers a full continuum for best results in mental health treatment.

Master-Level Clinicians

The team at Arbor Wellness has been treating mental illness & co-occurring disorders for years. Our diverse and highly experienced staff utilize current and emerging evidence-based therapy modalities.

People who Trust Arbor Wellness

Don’t trust our word, let others share their experience, strength, and hope.

Don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. In the case of a medical emergency please contact 911 or visit your local emergency department.

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