Mental health residential treatment centers in Tennessee, also called RTC or residential treatment facilities, are places where people who are dealing with a mental health condition can go to get the help that they need to get better. Residential treatment provides 24-hour-a-day support to all clients. At Arbor Wellness, we provide comfortable, live-in environment, which helps individuals get away from the daily stressors.

Our long-term residential mental health facility provides a much higher level of care than other types of mental health treatment programs. Many times, clients are able to choose a program that caters to people of their age group or gender. This can help them feel more relaxed and comfortable with addressing their mental health concerns. At Arbor Wellness in Nashville, Tennessee, we help individuals overcome their mental health issues by providing safe and structured residential facilities necessary for healing.

You are not alone. You deserve to get help.

Arbor Wellness is an industry leader in mental health treatment. Our team of top medical experts specialize in dual diagnosis treatment and are committed to ensuring that each patient is treated as an individual. Call us today, we’re available 24/7.

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What To Expect at Residential Mental Health Facilities in Tennessee

Due to the fact that RTCs are live-in, they are able to provide a much higher level of clinical care to address a range of issues. This includes behavioral problems and mental health symptoms. They also offer a wide range of therapy options. These include individual therapy, group therapy, equine-assisted therapy, wilderness therapy, art therapy, and more.

One area of treatment that you are likely to find is similar to other programs is the inclusion of family therapy. Serious mental health symptoms don’t just affect you, they also affect those who care about you. Family therapy is an effective way to help work through these effects in a safe and non-judgmental environment. It also helps build a strong support system that can help you stay on track for your treatment.

How long you will have to stay at residential mental health facilities in Tennessee depends on your individual needs and symptoms. The minimum stay is 28 days. Some clients stay for 6 months or more. What matters is ensuring that your symptoms are addressed compassionately and effectively. 

How to Choose Residential Mental Health Facilities in Tennessee

An initial evaluation to pinpoint your individual emotional, behavioral, and medical symptoms, as well as any educational or social needs.

  • Individualized treatment plans that are going to address your needs and goals.
  • A team of experienced mental health professionals that work together to provide care and support.
  • Belief in involving the client’s family in their care, including offering family therapy and making sure they have a safe environment to return to when their treatment is complete.
  • A range of treatment options, including individual and group therapy.
  • A focus on helping clients to build life skills that will support their long-term success.

How We Treat Mental Illness

We offer multiple types of programs to help people improve their mental health. At the heart of any effective treatment program lies an array of different types of therapy. Being exposed to multiple types of therapy modalities gives each person the opportunity to really learn how to heal. Our expert staff provides an initial assessment for each person in order to match them with the therapies that will best help their specific diagnoses.

Our long-term residential mental health facility provides highly focused treatment that takes place in our center. We offer round-the-clock care for those who stay with us. This allows them an escape from their daily lives so they can focus on rebuilding good mental health under our direction. Our staff partners with each person who stays with us in order to help them learn to manage their mental health. This includes minimizing or eliminating some of the symptoms. If a condition is chronic, we help the person learn to anticipate symptoms and side effects and use healthy coping skills to deal with them.

Residential vs Inpatient Mental Health Treatment

Residential and inpatient mental health programs have some similarities. However, there are some very important differences between them. Inpatient programs are the most intensive ones available today. Clients live at the facility, which is made to feel like a normal home. There is a fair amount of structure in the client’s day, including treatments at scheduled times, but they also are allowed some free time to spend alone, socializing with the other clients. In addition, individuals can spend more time doing other things that they enjoy.

Inpatient programs also require clients to live at the facility. However, they are typically more clinical, in secure, hospital-like settings. These mental health programs are usually much shorter than most residential treatment programs, lasting just a few days to a few weeks. Inpatient treatment is best suited to people who have very severe mental health symptoms, people who are having a mental health crisis, or those who have previously been to residential mental health facilities such as ours in Tennessee and are still not managing their symptoms effectively.

Types of Mental Health Conditions We Treat

Poor mental health can show up in a number of different conditions. Our programs offer care for several types of mental illness in order to provide treatment for a large number of people in need. As well, many people deal with more than one type of mental health disorder. Because our experienced staff knows how to treat a variety of disorders, we can help them work on improving symptoms of multiple mental health challenges. 

Types of conditions we treat at our mental health residential facilities include:

Does Insurance Cover long-term Mental Health Residential?

Most insurance companies offer coverage for mental health treatment. They recognize that good mental health is part of an overall health plan. For this reason, they do not limit their policies to cover only medical health conditions. Anyone interested in using their insurance to pay for mental health residential facilities receive an insurance verification from our team. Additionally, the person can contact a treatment facility to see if they offer free insurance verification for them.

Residential Mental Health Facilities in Nashville, Tennessee

For people who are struggling to manage their mental health symptoms, the idea of having to live in a treatment facility for weeks or even months may seem a bit overwhelming. However, it is in fact one of the most effective ways to treat your condition, especially if it is having an impact on your ability to live a normal life. Millions of Americans struggle with mental illness every year, and yet only a fraction seek the help that they need. Don’t let your fear of long-term treatment keep you from finding relief from your mental health condition. Contact Arbor Wellness today to learn more about our programs, and how we can help you to find your way back to mental wellness.


7:30am - 9am Wake Up/Meds /BreakfastWake Up/Meds /BreakfastWake Up/Meds /BreakfastWake Up/Meds /BreakfastWake Up/Meds /BreakfastWake Up/Meds /BreakfastWake Up/Meds /Breakfast
9am-10am All TracksCaseload
Groups (PTs)
Groups (PTs)
Groups (PTs)
Groups (PTs)
Groups (PTs)
Process (PT) or Mindfulness (Shantel)Process (PT) or Self-Care (Regina)
10am - 10:30am
10:30am - 12pmFoundationGroup (Chrissy)
or Trauma Ed (Cassie)
Group (Chrissy)
or Trauma Ed (Cassie)
Group (Chrissy)
or Trauma Ed (Cassie)
Group (Chrissy)
or Trauma Ed (Cassie)
Group (Chrissy)
or Trauma Ed (Cassie)
Process (PT) or Mindfulness (Shantel)Process (PT) or Self-Care (Regina)
11am-12pmEnhance Art (Sarah) Therapy (Shantel) Experiential (Shelley) Art (Sarah) Somatic Therapy (Bethany)Mindfulness (Shantel) or Process (PT)Self-care (Regina) or Process Group (PT)
12pm-1pm LunchLunchLunchLunchLunchLunchLunchLunch
1pm-2:30pmFoundation Art (Sarah) or Expressive Therapy (Chrissy) Art (Sarah) or Expressive Therapy (Chrissy) Art (Sarah) or Expressive Therapy (Chrissy) Art (Sarah) or Expressive Therapy (Chrissy) Art (Sarah) or Expressive Therapy (Chrissy) Music (Cassie) or Music (Yvonne/ Adesssa)Self-worth (Alex) or Music Therapy (Adessa/ Yvonne)
Enhance Music Therapy (Cassie) Therapy (Chrissy) Spirituality (Cassie) Therapy (Mable) ACT (Shantel)
2:30pm-4pmFoundationArt (Sarah)or Expressive Therapy (Chrissy) DBT and Music (Cassie) or Nutrition (Cassidy) Psychoed (Shantel) or Somatic Therapy (Dacey) Therapy (Shantel) or Art (Sarah) Music (Adessa/Reagan) or SomaticTx (Dacey) Music (Cassie) or Music (Yvonne/ Adessa)Music Therapy (Adessa/ Yvonne) or Self-worth (Alex)
EnhanceHobby & Leisure Skills(Cassie) Therapy (Shannon) Aftercare Planning (Cassie) DBT (Jon) Safety Planning (Shantel)
4pm-5pmFoundation Daily Reflection (BHT) Daily Reflection (BHT) Daily Reflection (BHT) Daily Reflection (BHT) Daily Reflection (BHT) ADLsADLs
5pm- 7pmDinnerDinnerDinnerDinnerDinnerDinnerDinnerDinner
8pm-8:30 pm
Family Education
Group (Cassie)

Don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. In the case of a medical emergency please contact 911 or visit your local emergency department.

Hannah KienzleHannah Kienzle
17:44 17 Jan 23
Arbor wellness is a great place for getting back on your feet! They really care about the individual person. It’s a safe place to do the work. They aren’t perfect and they make mistakes, but they are willing to do anything they can to make it right! They really need to improve on the medication management. Which is why I’m giving them 4 starts. But they are trying to improve! The staff, BHT’s, and therapists are all amazing! They genuinely care for you even after you leave and will answer the phone for any questions or concerns!
Jane HammelJane Hammel
17:28 10 Jan 23
I am so grateful I found Arbor, 5 stars just isn’t enough! I felt so safe, welcomed and supported by the entire staff, everyone there supported me in my healing, from the CEO to the chefs. There are so many different therapy modalities offered, you receive education into different types, so you can find what works best for you and maximize the healing process. For the first time I felt safe to dig deep into my trauma and understand how it affected me in my everyday life and take control of my life back, the team here gave me back what had been taken from me. I can’t thank them enough, Alex, Ashley, Shannon, Troy, Chris, Stephanie, Allison, Kelly, Jesse, Justin, Rich, Cassie, Bethany, Dacey, Jon, Jara, Dan, Lisa, April, Hudson and so many more wonderful people that I am eternally grateful for. Thank you Arbor for helping me heal after so much darkness, I can see the light now. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
20:28 19 Dec 22
I’m so thankful for Arbor for changing my life, helping me grow and providing with the tools I needed to live a happy life. I have lived with depression and anxiety for years and I knew I needed to get help so I started looking up treatment centers. When I called, I spoke with Stephanie in admissions and she was so wonderful, she really cared about getting me help. The day I checked in Stephanie made sure I felt comfortable and helped me understand I was doing this for me and not to feel guilty for getting help if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t had stayed. I had the best therapist while I was there named Shelley, she pushed me to open up and process my trauma I can’t thank you enough. I want to also thank Hudson for always making me laugh, it really helped getting through those rough days. I’m very thankful for Troy and Chris for opening and running Arbor to make it the best center in Tennessee. On Tuesday night they provided a class for families that had loved ones there ran by Cassie, thank you for helping my family understand what I was going through. Lastly, I want to thank the chefs for making wonderful food daily and for to all the nurses and techs for taking care of us and always being there if we needed someone to talk to. I would recommend Arbor to anyone that is needing help, you won’t find any better place and staff that actually care about you.
Alissa BenderAlissa Bender
19:28 05 Dec 22
Very thankful to have been treated at Arbor Wellness. The staff is very welcoming and receptive of your needs. My primary therapist Mable was wonderful. Hudson, a former client, is among the other amazing staff that was always able to relate to my journey at the facility. I came in with a willingness to do the hard work and the staff supported me and encouraged me throughout the entire process. I am truly thankful for the time I spent there because it helped change the trajectory of my life in the best way possible.
Amelia YoungAmelia Young
17:09 29 Nov 22
Arbor is an amazing place to receive help for any mental health problems you might be struggling with. The staff is truly wonderful, and have all helped me along on my journey. From the BHTs who are always there to support you in anyway you might need to every single group facilitator who are extremely knowledgeable and very fun, there are nearly endless resources to get you on the right track. Just wanted to also give a special thanks to my girl Ansley who was one of the biggest assets to helping me feel confident in myself again and to my primary therapist, Shelley, who is extremely reliable and real with all the clients she works with. I would highly recommend Arbor if you’re looking for a place that you can feel safe while getting the help you need.
Kari ClinkenbeardKari Clinkenbeard
16:56 14 Nov 22
Words cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for Arbor Wellness and the way they cared for our daughter. The staff treated her with kindness, compassion and dignity. Through her good days and bad days, they continually showed her that she was worthy of a happy life and she is so much more than her diagnosis. The team worked diligently to pinpoint her diagnosis and was proactive in creating a treatment plan that was best for her in the present and future.As a parent of an adult child, I was communicated with in a timely & sensitive manner. We had so many questions, concerns and feelings going through this. The staff was understanding, empathetic and very responsive throughout the entire process.The team at Arbor saved our daughter. We will be forever grateful for Troy, Chris, Hudson, Shelley, Casey, Cassie, Dan, Trey, Lyndsey, Alex & Pippa…and so many more, for putting the smile back on her face.If your loved one is struggling, I would not hesitate to recommend Arbor Wellness for their path in healing.
Britt BratBritt Brat
20:38 24 Oct 22
Arbor is an amazing place to come to when you need help. The staff are fantastic, and truly care about what they are doing on a daily basis. Between music, art, and other therapies there is a lot you can find here to help you with what is going on. I am very thankful for Arbor! Cannot recommend enough.
Tj SennottTj Sennott
01:39 06 Oct 22
My time at Arbor could not have been a better experience. From the facilities to the staff and the program above all, everything is of the highest quality. They truly care for everyone and the support you get is fantastic. Couldn’t recommend more. The growth I’ve seen because of Arbor has really changed my life. All the stars. Thank you everyone there
Greg BulachGreg Bulach
19:32 15 Sep 22
Arbor is a fantastic facility where healing can occur. The staff really cares. I highly recommend this facility. At Arbor, I was able to come out of my shell, out of the darkness which encompassed me. I was able to learn to trust again and see the world in a new light. Thank you to Hudson, Charles, Ansley, Chris, Troy, Shelley and all the rest of the staff. You are top notch. One love.
Madeleine SharpMadeleine Sharp
20:28 07 Sep 22
I was one of the first people who attended Arbor Wellness and they helped change my life. My life was chaos prior to going, and they helped me to change that. They helped me work on my past trauma, my mental health, and addiction “issues” I was placed on the right medication and given the right tools to truly better myself.They also have a 5 star chef that knows what he’s doing in the kitchen.The facility is beautiful. They keep it very clean, they have a workout room, a large cafeteria, red light therapy, a sound bed, stocked with snacks, and drinks.Their staff is wonderful. They all played a huge role, from the techs to the therapist. Hudson, the alumni coordinator and family Liaison has called to check on me since I’ve been gone. He also helped communicate with my family.One last thing, they made sure we all got together as a community to spend time with one another. Whether it was playing corn-hole, renting a movie, having pizza, etc.If you’re torn between going or not going. Take a leap of faith, and go change your life.
Joseph FortuneJoseph Fortune
18:25 30 Jun 22
My experience at arbor Wellness is one of compassion, understanding, and support. BIG shout out to the phenomenal staff here for always going above and beyond to take care of myself and fellow clients. My guys Hudson and Charles are prime examples of effective treatment staff. I will forever be grateful for all that arbor does! Thanks to Troy for providing this amazing and much needed service to Nashville!
Rachael ClarkRachael Clark
14:36 16 Jun 22
Beautiful, state of the art and cutting edge facility. The team is great and are all very qualified and personable. The therapists listen to your concerns and address everyone individually and respectfully. I would highly recommend for any family member needed any help. Arbor will make your future brighter!

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