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For people who are struggling with a substance use disorder, it can feel like every part of their life is being negatively impacted by addiction – including their mental health. For those with a dual diagnosis, also called a co-occurring disorder, healing from addiction requires more specialized treatment. This is because a dual diagnosis means you have deeper, more serious mental health issues, which makes the risk of relapse much higher if your mental health disorder isn’t addressed. At Arbor Wellness, our dual diagnosis treatment centers in Tennessee can help individuals struggling with co-occurring mental health and addiction issues. 

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What is a dual diagnosis disorder?

A dual diagnosis is a disorder in which a person with a substance use disorder also has at least one mental health condition. In the world of addiction treatment, dual diagnoses are actually quite common because substance abuse and mental health issues often go hand in hand. A third of people who abuse alcohol, and over half who abuse drugs, also experience mental illness. What’s worse is that substance abuse can actually make a person’s mental health symptoms even more severe.

There are three different things that researchers find can contribute to dual diagnosis.  The first is that both substance abuse and mental health conditions can be caused by trauma, stress, and genetics. The second is that certain mental health conditions can make you more likely to use and abuse substances. This, in turn, can lead to becoming addicted to them. The third is that substance abuse can lead to a mental health condition due to the way that it changes how the brain works.

signs and symptoms of a dual diagnosis disorder

A dual diagnosis often presents different signs and symptoms from person to person. This is because there are so many different side effects of addiction, depending on what substance you are abusing and how much you typically use. A variety of symptoms can occur as part of mental illnesses, too. In general, however, the signs of a dual diagnosis in someone with an addiction can often include:

  • Sudden changes in the way that you think, feel or behave
  • Withdrawing from friends or family
  • Having no control over how often you use substances and how much you ingest
  • Doing things like stealing in order to get money for substances
  • Feeling like you need substances in order to function

Someone experiencing these types of symptoms may be in need of dual diagnosis treatment centers in Tennessee. A full diagnosis can be made in order to determine if assistance is required.

Common Dual Diagnosis Disorders

Dual diagnosis disorders can affect people from all backgrounds, ages, races, genders, and income brackets. This condition also has a major negative impact on a person’s world, often leading to serious issues within their personal and professional lives. This is because mental illness, even when not further complicated by addiction, can cause major changes in the way that someone acts, thinks, and feels. When it comes to co-occurring disorders, some mental health issues are more commonly experienced than others. These can include:

– Anxiety Disorders  –

– Bipolar Disorders  – 

– Depression –

– Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder –

– Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder –

– Schizophrenia – 

How Is Dual Diagnosis Treated in TEnnessee?

Arbor Wellness offers programs in our dual diagnosis treatment centers in Tennessee that address both addiction and mental health disorders. Each person’s path in treatment will depend on their individual needs and experiences. Our programs include:

  • Detox
  • Inpatient Rehab
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)

Services Offered at Our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in Tennessee

Arbor Wellness offers multiple services at our dual diagnosis treatment centers in Tennessee. Each service offers a way proven to help many who deal with dual diagnosis and help them make progress in recovering. Our services include:

– Red Light Therapy –

– Biosound Therapy –

– Biofeedback –

– Genetic Testing –

– Brainspotting –

– Holistic Therapy –

– Nutrition –

– Fitness –

– Alpha-Stim Treatment –

– Spravato Treatment –

– Medication-Assisted Treatment –

– Supportive Housing –

Benefits of Going To Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Tennessee

The fact is that anyone who is suffering from a dual diagnosis needs to get specialized treatment. The mental health symptoms someone experiences as a result of their dual diagnosis will not simply go away if they stop abusing drugs or alcohol. It takes proper treatment for a person to learn how to cope with and overcome their mental health symptoms. Additionally, it also takes time for the brain to heal from the damage that addiction can cause.

Another benefit relates to how addiction and mental illness influence each other. Often, abusing alcohol or drugs contributes to a person either developing mental health issues or making one they already have become worse. Someone who receives help for their substance use disorder often benefits from improved mental health as a result. Along with that, someone who addresses and takes better care of their mental health often finds they have less of an urge to abuse alcohol or drugs.

Begin Healing at Our Tennessee Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

If you or someone you love suffers from both addiction and a mental illness, you may not know where to turn for help. Arbor Wellness provides dual diagnosis treatment centers in Tennessee that help you take that first step to a new, sober life. We provide an in-depth assessment to understand your unique needs. From there, we work to design an individualized recovery plan to maximize your success.

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