When you face a challenge like poor mental health, you want to get the best help available. Arbor Wellness in Nashville provides a world-class treatment program that helps people understand the details of their mental health disorders and ways to help minimize the symptoms or overcome them. Our Nashville psychiatry program employs the use of extensively trained and experienced psychiatric professionals and other therapists. They provide compassionate, expert care that allows you to grow and become more confident in managing your mental health.

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What is Psychiatry?

Psychiatry is a branch of medicine that focuses on treating mental health disorders. This includes diagnosing any existing mental illnesses, treating them, and preventing the development of additional ones. Psychiatrists must be licensed in order to practice. Many years of education must take place before a person can begin practicing psychiatry. This includes obtaining a bachelor’s degree, attending medical school, and completing a multi-year residency program. Some psychiatrists receive additional training depending on their fields of expertise. Psychiatrists obtain either a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree or a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) degree. 

Psychiatrists can assess a person’s mental and physical health. Additionally, they are qualified to prescribe medications to their patients. Some focus mainly on providing assessments and monitoring the medications their patients take. Others also spend a great deal of their work time providing talk therapy.


How does Psychiatry in Nashville Work?

A few variables are in play when it comes to defining how psychiatry works. The initial intake session allows the psychiatrist to discuss the issues each individual encounters that caused them to seek help. Nashville psychiatry begins with a full assessment to understand what mental health disorders are present. This helps the person understand their unique situation and all mental health diagnoses. From there, the psychiatrist can help create a treatment plan that helps empower the person so they participate in improving their mental health.

How long psychiatry lasts depends on the individual. What diagnosis they have, how long they have had it, and how intense the symptoms are factor into a time frame. Some people only need psychiatry for a short amount of time, while others benefit from attending sessions long-term.

How can Psychiatry Help My Mental Health?

Under the guidance of a psychiatrist, a person can learn to manage and minimize symptoms of poor mental health. In many cases, such as with depression or anxiety disorders, the person can overcome them altogether. For lifelong illnesses, like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, the person can learn to anticipate and handle the symptoms that occur. 

Many mental health disorders respond positively to the use of prescription medications. Because psychiatrists have medical degrees, they have the expertise to choose the right medications and monitor how they affect their patients. Choices for FDA-approved medications include antidepressants, mood stabilizers, sedatives, antipsychotics, and hypnotic medications.

How Do I Know I Need to See a Psychiatrist?

A person who wonders if they may need to see a psychiatrist may not know how to recognize that particular need. They can ask themselves a series of questions to help understand if Nashville psychiatry may be a good avenue to explore. These questions include:

  • Am I experiencing symptoms like anxiety, depression, or moodiness?
  • Do I have difficulty regulating my emotions?
  • Do I feel a sense of hopelessness I can’t seem to escape?
  • Have I experienced trauma in the past or currently?
  • Do I withdraw from my family and friends and isolate a lot?
  • Have I lost interest in hobbies and pastimes?
  • Has my work or school life suffered because of emotional or mental health symptoms?
  • Do I sometimes abuse alcohol or drugs to try to self-medicate?
  • Have I experienced a change in my appetite or weight?
  • Do I sleep too little or too much?
  • Do I sometimes have feelings or thoughts of suicide?

Someone who answers “yes” to two or more of these questions may benefit from attending psychiatry sessions to help improve their mental health.

What is the Difference Between Psychiatry and Psychology?

The main difference between psychiatry and psychology has to do with the ability to prescribe medications. Psychiatrists have medical degrees; therefore, they can write prescriptions for medications. Psychologists do not have medical degrees and cannot prescribe meds. They may have a doctorate degree, but it is not a medical degree. Psychiatrists often focus more on diagnoses of mental health disorders and managing their treatment. Psychologists focus more on providing a variety of types of talk therapy as their form of treatment.

Other Services Offered

Our Nashville psychiatry program offers world-class, intensive treatment for mental health. In addition to traditional psychiatry sessions, we also provide multiple choices for evidence-based services to help improve the symptoms of mental health disorders. These options include:

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