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The Worst Jobs for People With Anxiety

The severity of a person’s struggles with anxiety can be influenced by a wide range of genetic (internal) and environmental (external) factors. One external factor that can have an outsized impact on a person’s quality of life is their career. Today, we take a look at some of the worst jobs for people with anxiety.

Worst Jobs for People With Anxiety

Any list of the worst jobs for people with anxiety is going to be subjective. Depending on the type of anxiety disorder a person has and the severity of their symptoms, it’s entirely possible for them to be successful in any of the jobs on this list while they’re struggling with an anxiety disorder. 

However, in general, the career paths that we’ve listed below can pose particular challenges to people who have anxiety.

Medical Professional

Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals have demanding jobs that often require them to manage large caseloads while interacting with highly emotional patients and their family members. Making one seemingly small mistake can have catastrophic consequences, so experience, focus, and confidence are prized attributes in these careers.

A person who has agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder (social phobia), specific phobia, panic disorder, or generalized anxiety disorder may have difficulty finding fulfillment and satisfaction in this line of work. 


Many people who struggle with anxiety value structure and certainty. While schools operate on a fairly well established schedule, a teacher’s day-to-day interactions with students, parents, administrators, and other teachers will usually be far from predictable. 

Also, teachers need to be prepared to respond to challenges from students and parents on a regular basis. For people who have various forms of anxiety, the demands of this career can be overwhelming.

First Responder

The category of first responders includes emergency medical technicians (EMTs), firefighters, and police officers. This is one of the broadest entries on our list of worst jobs for people with anxiety, but these roles share certain features and demands that make it appropriate for them to be grouped together here.

First responders need to be comfortable operating in a demanding, ever-changing environment where emotions can run high and lives are often on the line. They need to have supreme confidence in their own capabilities, and they need to be able to adapt at the drop of a proverbial hat to take on new responsibilities. 

Customer Service Representative

This implies that customer service reps must be prepared to handle a steady barrage of less-than-friendly comments from unfamiliar individuals.

If speaking with others is challenging due to your anxiety, or if constant criticism would negatively affect your anxiety symptoms and overall well-being, then customer service may not be the right choice for you.

Flight Attendant

To be a flight attendant is to take on several different roles simultaneously. You’re confined in a relatively small space with your customers, often for an extended period of time.

Flight attendants must possess high organization skills and extreme flexibility. Passengers’ demands can vary significantly from flight to flight or even moment to moment

Someone who has agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder (social phobia), or certain specific phobias would be highly unlikely to find joy and success in this role. Someone with generalized anxiety disorder or panic disorder might also benefit from exploring another career.

Sales Representative

Sales representative is another entry on our list of worst jobs for people with anxiety. It encompasses a variety of disparate positions. Some sales representatives deal with retail customers in stores, while others primarily interact with personnel from other businesses, often over the phone or via email.

Some sales representative positions are high-pressure jobs that demand specific expertise and extensive travel. Your paycheck directly reflects your ability to close large deals. This job may require you to spend time in unfamiliar environments, engage in heated negotiations, and respond to challenges from customers and clients. All this while knowing that your commission-based pay leaves you little room for error.

Personal Assistant

This can be a high-stress, low-reward job, requiring you to ignore your own needs to best assist your employer. Each day, you can face an array of new challenges and crises, and you’ll be expected to manage them with little support from anyone else.

One reason why this position is on our list of worst jobs for people with anxiety is that being a personal assistant can leave you with little time to decompress, practice self-care, or manage your mental health.


Journalism has always been a demanding career field, but in recent decades, the stress, pressure, and uncertainty of this job seem to have skyrocketed. Journalists often have to communicate with people who either would prefer not to talk to them or who are outwardly hostile toward them.

Ongoing budget cuts have dramatically reduced staff, requiring journalists to handle more work with less assistance (often for lower pay). Though journalism is an essential component of a healthy democracy, those who do this work often face extremely poor treatment and endure a regular barrage of criticism and unfounded accusations.

Human Resources Manager

For someone who has social anxiety disorder (social phobia), being an HR representative may sound like a nightmare. Individuals in this position often handle tasks such as enforcing organizational policies, resolving conflicts, and informing people about their terminated positions.

As with teachers, flight attendants, and customer service representatives, careers in human resources often involve interactions with people who are angry or frustrated.

You need to prepare to respond to emergencies on a moment’s notice. This is all while managing your daily workload, maintaining a professional demeanor, and prioritizing the organization’s needs ahead of your own.


You may be surprised to see veterinarian on our list of worst jobs for people with anxiety. However, this profession is highly stressful and places great demands on mental health. For example, veterinarians must be able to quickly assess and address the needs of patients who cannot talk to them about what they are feeling. Additionally, these patients may be actively trying to escape or attack them.

As with doctors and nurses, veterinarians often need to go into great debt in order to complete their education. If they are working in a private practice, they are also responsible for leading a staff and managing a budget. They often collaborate with animals that have traumatic injuries or have experienced abuse or neglect. And they must understand that direct exposure to death is a regular part of the job.

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